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Polytubes is synonymous with small diameter Polyethylene pipe in Canada. Enhancing our reputation for reliable product quality with customers is one of our means to accomplish excellence. Preserving and increasing our good reputation is an essential strategic asset for us. With Polytube’s reputation, we are able to differentiate ourselves and retain customers and employees, while our stakeholders demonstrate higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty to our brand.

Our vision is to make wise use of raw materials to produce best quality products while constantly seeking to know the future implications of our actions. We intend to achieve this by paying close attention to the environmental, social and economic impacts of our business.

Our business model is to be unique in offering customers a full range of in-demand stock keeping units (SKUs) in stock, with reliable product quality and timely delivery, without channel conflict.

We believe our success depends on our ability to operate responsibly socially, environmentally and economically. Our objective is to make high quality and reliable products while ensuring the best use of our resources and providing opportunities for our employees and benefiting society the best we can.

Making the right products, at the right time, in the right way.

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