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Polytubes manufactures Polyethylene (PE) conduit used to protect and house fiber optic, electrical, telecommunications and CATV cables for various industries. Polytubes offers a wide range of products in sizes of 1/2″ through 12″ in a variety of colours.

Our Conduit products are lightweight and flexible allowing it to be produced in continuous lengths on reels or coils. Reel lengths can reach as high as 10,000ft and can be customized to accommodate the end users specific requirements. These long lengths of conduit reduce the need for mechanical connections and the labor related costs inherent to other types of conduit.

Polytubes Conduit options include:

  • Color coding for different industry requirements
  • Conduit conforming to ASTM F2160, CSA B137.1, ASTM 3035, and custom specifications
  • Sequential footage markings, to assist in identifying remaining lengths on partial reels and recording job site usage
  • Customized coil and reel lengths, designed to fit project needs
  • Pre-lubricated conduit for greater friction reduction