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Low Density Polypipe

Polytubes has been manufacturing Coiled Polyethylene since 1953. The application for this product has evolved from general use utility pipe to Potable Water applications. The Polytubes product slate consists of various PE materials offering different performance for each intended application.

LLDPE has a higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than LDPE. It is very flexible and elongates under stress versus other LDPE materials which have a tendency to fail. LLDPE has better Environmental Stress Crack Resistance and has a good resistance to chemical and ultraviolet attacks. LLDPE is not as easy to process as LDPE, has lower gloss, and costs more than LDPE to produce. For these reasons very few manufacturers choose to use LLDPE over LDPE resin. LLDPE material will be found in the following Polytubes’ products:

  • Series 75 and Series 100 CSA B137.1 ID pipe
  • Series 100 Prime pipe
  • PolyDrip Tubing
  • and CSA Rink pipe

Polytubes recognized the need for products engineered specific to certain water applications. For this reason, Polytubes has employed the use of Medium Density Polyethylene to take advantage of the higher tensile properties needed for these stressful environments. MDPE is used in the following products:

  • Series 160 PolyDrop